1. Prayers for Danny L.
    François Sky

  2. Prayers for Danny L. (DJ Stodmeister Buddhist mix)
    François Sky

  3. The Only Living Boy In New York
    Ask for Joy feat. Daniel Land

  4. Reft
    The Common Men

  5. Like Air
    Early Maze

  6. On A High
    Early Maze

  7. This
    Drowner (The Foreign Resort remix)

  8. White Elephants
    Panda Riot

  9. Paper Planes (m.i.a. cover)
    Panda Riot

  10. Mykonos Ambient (ft. Da Lupune)
    The Spiracles

  11. David Hero (Sonic Boom Remix)
    Insect Guide

  12. Don't Say (Guitar Mix)

  13. Heaven Sent An Angel (Live at ULU London May 1992)

  14. Confessions

  15. Feedback Powers The Sun
    Spring Clock Wonder

  16. God's Joke
    The Microdance

  17. Fuzzy Sky Dreams
    Tie-dye Laces

  18. Lotus

  19. As You Leave (1990 Version)

  20. Bad Kitty

  21. Tears
    Black Swan Lane

  22. Silence
    Spell 336

  23. Expergiscimini Et Somniantes
    Sana Obruent

  24. Micro Macro

  25. Autumnmania

  26. Rotation

  27. Kiev

  28. Shadows
    Steven Webb

  29. Dizzy Chant
    Shana Falana

  30. Bright Black Sky (Bliss Remix)
    Beijing Tangs

  31. Lighting
    Translucent Pulse

  32. Age of Aquariums
    Flavor Crystals

  33. Numb

  34. Shades Of The Cosmos
    Sounds Of Sputnik

  35. Washed Out Heart
    Sea Of Vapours

  36. The Weight Of The Night
    Pony Trash

  37. Ramonesland (Instrumental In F)
    Adam Franklin

  38. The Finite One
    Bella Lune

  39. Earthbound

  40. Flight (As The Crow Flies)

  41. Joy Deeper Yet Than Agony
    Holy Ghost Lips

  42. She is My Ocean
    Clarence Mayhew

  43. Strangers
    The Secret Society Of The Sonic Six

  44. Water
    Her Vanished Grace

  45. Melt
    The Cherry Wave

  46. Expressways Of No Return
    Joaquim Barato

  47. Particles
    Jane Woodman

  48. Lucid Dream
    Purple Bloom

  49. Girl For Me
    Perry Pelonero

  50. Neo Expressway
    Bride (UK)

  51. Sunshine Punch
    Day Ravies

  52. Arp Little Secret
    The Secret Society of the Sonic Six

  53. Ahhh
    Stargazer Lilies

  54. Dropped
    The Cherry Wave

  55. Mesmerizing Clouds
    Joaquim Barato

  56. Tranquilized
    Chatham Rise

  57. Client
    Phoenix Down

  58. Falling Over
    Debt Collector

  59. Spinning
    This Scarlet Mourning

  60. Untitled
    Bride (UK)

  61. IDM-ish Jungle

  62. LaC te d'Azur (Hore In Paris mix)
    Laurence vs. AhdioHore

  63. Wild Sun
    The Vandelles

  64. Whistling Gypsy (Quiet Mix for Danny Lackey)
    Daniel Land

  65. Endlessness

  66. E-150 (Sub-Chop Version)

  67. Tranquility
    This Scarlet Mourning

  68. Emulator-Angel (Sub-Vamp-ed Mix)

  69. Evil Twin

  70. Thinking About You
    Adrian Lugo

  71. Cardboard Box

  72. The Vow

  73. Bloom
    Under The Wire

  74. Take My Chances
    Drowning Dreams

  75. Idle Worship
    Black International

  76. The Silver Devastation
    Jonathan Mono

  77. Why
    Music For Headphones

  78. Seven
    The Playing Fields

  79. Hope
    Bob Ohrum

  80. She Colors the Sea
    Cassettes on Tape

  81. Fade Away (Featuring Hollow Press)
    Delphine Coma

  82. Stop Clock

  83. Lady Luck

  84. Mixed Signals (On the Rocks)

  85. Burn Me

  86. I Am Endless Sky

  87. Daylight Is A Movie
    Souvenir Driver

  88. Choose to Choose (The Black Angels)

  89. Some Can If You Are (Exploding Peacock Sequencer)

  90. No I Wouldn't F**k You Over (Version)
    Souvenir Driver

  91. It's Not Impossible
    Alex Lowe

  92. Visualization
    Sounds Of Sputnik

  93. Shes Gone (Danny Lackey Tribute)

  94. Gazing
    Jett Brando

  95. From Nemesis
    Isles of Kin

  96. Three Four EP

  97. Out Of Medication EP

  98. Are We There Yet?
    Near Death Picnic

  99. All That Mad Trouble EP
    Between The Cities Are Stars

  100. Stars Will Light Your Way

  101. Flickering

  102. Precious

  103. She

  104. America
    Black Light White Light

  105. Carpathian Sheshory
    Nameless (UA, Ternopil)

  106. Don't Call Me Your Name
    Nameless (UA, Ternopil)

  107. Violet
    Black Market Karma

  108. Blurry (Song For Danny)
    The Sunshine Factory

  109. Dandelions and Bees
    Nameless (UA, Ternopil) feat. Ummagma

  110. Backlit Narrative
    Leaving Richmond

  111. PLS (Song for Rico)
    Star Horse

  112. Lama (Ian Baird Remix)

  113. Flying
    The Telescopes

  114. Angela (Alt)
    The High Violets

  115. Adumbra Lineamenta Satis Quieta
    Sana Obruent


Fund for Danny Lackey Gadsden, Alabama

This is a gift from an evolving community of lovers of shoegaze, united around the memory of our brother, Danny Lackey. His generous soul touched us in many ways, whether supporting us through When The Sun Hits or washing over us with the beauty and guitars of his Deepfieldview sounds. All proceeds go to Danny's lovely wife, Barbie, to remind her how much he is loved and appreciated. Forever. ... more

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